Technical specifications and documentation

ILL SBN architecture features a central server, built with Java technologies, which hosts the interlibrary loan functions and a user interface managed through a web browser.

The ILL SBN procedure is an open procedure because:
  • it is integrated with OPAC SBN and can easily be integrated with other catalogues using the Z39.50 standard
  • it is freely accessible online and compliant with the ISO ILL (10160-10161) standard
  • it is able to interact with local applications
  • it features interoperability with national and foreign ILL systems ISO ILL compliant, through the gateway HTTP-TCP/IP
In particular:
  • ILL SBN functions are those defined by the ISO ILL standard concerning interlibrary loan and contained in the Service definition document (ISO 10160)
  • the server interface is based on ISO/ILL semantics according to the ASN.1 format (Abstract Syntax Notation One)
  • the ISO ILL standard was converted into XML, in accordance with DTD ILLXml-APDU, which can be downloaded here.
  • integration with the SBN catalogue is assured in accordance with DTD ILLXml-ILLitem, which can be downloaded here.
  • information on partner libraries is sent via DTD ILLXML-ILLbiblio, which can be downloaded here.
  • the ILL server interoperability with other ISO-ILL compliant external systems is assured by the http-tcp/ip gateway protocol, translating XML messages on the ILL transactions received by the ILL server into ASN1 BER messages and sends them via tcp/IP
  • through the ILL SBN/IPIG profile, the  ILL SBN gateway follows the specifications of the IPIG profile (IPIG profile for the ISO ILL Protocol), defined by the ISO ILL standard maintenance group as the certification model for compliant softwares.
For more information: Egidio Incelli