Metadata standards and applications within Cultural Heritage sector

The Central Institute for the Union Catalogue of Italian Libraries and for Bibliographic Information is in charge of numerous ongoing activities on the use of metadata in digital libraries; it:

  • translated  Dublin Core Metadata Element Set version 1.1 in collaboration with the IEI (Institute for the Information Processing) of the CNR in Pisa and produced the Mapping DC/Metadata/Catalographic standards (March 2002)
  • implemented the Dublin Core on the SBN online system for cross-reference searches in databases from different (bibliographic, digital, museum) domains as part of its participation in the ONE-2 European project and in the international initiative known asBath Profile;
  • Participates in the DELOS NOE - Network of Excellence on Digital Libraries European project, in the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative and in the Workshop Metadata for Multimedia Information - Dublin Core organized by CEN/ISSS (European Committee for Standardization/ Information Society Standardization System).
  • Participates in The European Library (TEL) European project, which is part of theI Programme IST (Information Society Technologies) Third Action Plan  of the European Union, which aims at achieving a unified access point to the main European collections through a shared metadata application profile.
  • Participates in the MINERVA (MInisterial NEtwork for Valorising Activities in digitisation) European project coordinated by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism, with the aim of creating a joint European platform, and developing guidelines and recommendations on digitisation, metadataand long-term accessibility, within the framework of Community initiatives for the digitisation of cultural heritage.
In 2000, the Institute established a Study group on metadata standards and applications in cultural heritage, which representatives from libraries, museums, and archives took part in.

In 2001 ICCU organized a National seminar on metadata : Towards system interoperability: libraries, museums and archives. The Study group on metadata standards and applications in cultural heritage.

In 2003 it established a permanent working group: The Administrative Metadata ( MAG) Committee.