Cataloguing rules, Guidelines and Standards

Among its goals ICCU has the task of drafting and disseminating of standards relating to: catalographic rules, descriptive standards, semantic cataloguing and metadata for  recovering, accessing and managing digital resources.
It carries out study, research and coordinating activities within the fields of cataloguing by author and semantic cataloguing. It coordinates SBN cataloguing activities by providing local nodes with operational indications concerning interventions on the cooperative shared cataloguing. As part of this activity it translates and disseminates international standards, cataloguing rules and guidelines on all bibliographic typologies.

It is in charge of creating and maintaining the Authority file as crucial tool for the clearness  and quality of the national union catalogue.

The authority file archive is integrated in the central system and managed through centralized functions. The entities for which authority files must be created currently include: name of persons, collective authors, uniform titles, places and devices.


Cataloguing rules for SBN on MediaWiki (In italian)

Since July 2016, cataloging rules for SBN are available on a reserved section of MediaWiki platform.
The new editions of the Cataloguing rules for SBN are available to users:

  • Rules for information and common data for all the types of material
  • SBN Cataloguing manual. Antiquarian
  • SBN Cataloguing manual. Modern

New rules for SBN cataloging in SBN  have been developed  in the new context of  international standards and national cataloguing rules and with reference to the new and more flexible architecture of SBN.
 For more clarity and efficiency, the SBN manuals have been splitted in different parts: "Common information and codes" and "descriptive and specific parts" which gives regulations about codes and data for all types of material and separate manuals providing stipulations on  descriptive information on antiquarian and modern materials.

Unpublished chapters, still in progress are highlighted and will be updated online.
MediaWiki platform improves navigation within the rules and facilitates  the management of updates and  development of new sections.

Italian Cataloguing Rules

SBN Cataloguing rules
International standards and rules
Digitisation Guidelines

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