Cataloguing and maintenance of SBN catalogue

Since the SBN Index is a very large collective catalogue created and augmented through shared cataloguing activities, it requires that hubs  comply with and apply both the catalographic rules pointed out  in the relevant SBN Guides and updates and the working methodologies determined and reported in the dedicated web pages.
SBN cooperation activities must be based on the above instructions and on a careful querying of the catalogue during the stage concerning records capture/creation. Any project or activity launched by libraries requires well-trained cataloguers, so that all users can benefit from the advantages of the SBN catalogue, which offers an extensive coverage of Italy’s library holdings, with an average of 90% of captures and high quality data.
In addition to cooperation, maintenance activities are  getting more and more important in order to ensure the high quality of the SBN catalogue. Such activities  require ad hoc planning in addition to normal cataloguing activities, which should be regarded  as a way to add value to the product and are implemented in order to provide improved user services.