The MagTeca is a digital display case performing a free service of management and preservation of digital collections in web resolution and with metadata xml format according to the MAG schema.
The MagTeca software can be distributed free of charge to institutes who want to become content providers to the portal.
  • Entrusting collections to the ICCU MagTeca
The library/institution, together with ICCU Activity Area for digital services and access to documents, sets out the modalities for the delivery of digital collections and signs a waiver for access to the web version of the data entrusted to the MagTeca for the Internet Culturale portal.
In this case, both metadata and digital objects must be realized in accordance with the MagTeca rules and restrictions (in Italian).
The library is in charge of any metadata updates or changes to the metadata that may prove to be necessary, due to the MagTeca restrictions. No data management or uploading costs are required once the data are destined to the MagTeca. ICCU ensures the preservation of data, the maintenance and upgrading of both software and hardware, and the data backup itself.
  • Installation of the MagTeca for the direct management of digital collections
The library/institution must own the necessary IT equipment and hardware characteristics (in Italian) to support the MagTeca software. The librarian is responsible for the management of digital collections, and may request a training programme.
Any library requesting the software also joins the Internet Culturale portal and undertakes to contribute with its own collections to the enrichment of the digital library, and to follow editorial rules as well (in Italian). 
All costs related to the software installation, the purchasing of the necessary hardware, the network connectivity, the data preservation, the software and hardware maintenance and the repository backups are at the expense of the requesting library. ICCU ensures the providing of the software updates.
  • Online transfer to Internet Culturale via the OAI-PMH protocol
Any library/institution already owning a digital display case with the OAI-PMH protocol can participate in Internet Culturale by contacting ICCU Activity Area for digital services and access to documents which edits and coordinates the portal.