Administrative Service

The administrative service: 

  • prepares and implements all deeds related to the carrying out of the  functions of the Institute
  • starts calls for tenders relating to the execution of works and the providing of goods, supplies and professional services
  • is responsible for the accounting and administrative management of  funds referring to ordinary and special accounting, and to self-management as well
  • prepares the balance sheet forecast and the final balance sheet to be submitted for approval to the Management Committee and to subsequent auditing carried out by the relevant bodies
  • looks after:
    • human resources
    • relations with labour unions
    • litigation
    • the inventory of moveable property and real estate per destination
    • the management of consumables
    • the sale of publications issued by the Institute
    • the electronic document registration.

Service coordinator: Barbara Porru
tel. +39 06 49210418 - tel. +39 06 4989510