Activity Area for the bibliography, the cataloguing and the census of manuscripts

The Activity Area for the bibliography, cataloguing and census of manuscripts:

  • promotes and coordinates initiatives relating to the census, inventorying and scientific cataloguing of manuscripts held in Italian libaries, in cooperation with public and ecclesiastical libraries
  • promotes summary and scientific cataloguing activities, and coordinates catalographic activities, in accordance with the ICCU standards and related  variants
  • keeps and develops the XML syntax concerning manuscripts
  • manages and edits the Manus and Bibman databases
  • studies and develops standards relating to the various manuscript typologies
  • studies and identifies bibliographic sources for the study of manuscript collections in Italy, in order to provide useful tools for manuscript scientific cataloguing
  • carries out training activities related to the fields of its own competence.
It also represents the Institute at national and international levels in the fields of its own competence.


Area coordinator: Lucia Negrini

tel. +39 06 49210441