International programmes documentation Office

The International programmes documentation Office aims at providing a Europe wide documentation and information service through its website, and to provide users (including Italian cultural institutions such as archives, libraries, museums, universities, and public administrations) with tools for knowledge on the main European and international programmes.
In carrying out its mission, the Office sets itself the following priority goals:

  • increasing knowledge on the main European and international programmes currently in use and relevant to the cultural sector by directly providing detailed information on each single programme, both in Italian and in English
  • increasing knowledge on the main international programmes, related to archives, libraries and cultural institutions, including those in which Italy is currently taking part
  • increasing knowledge on political and institutional issues within the European Union, by bringing citizens closer to the EU’s policies and institutions
  • providing a database containing documents and publications relevant to the European and international documentation sector
  • highlighting the most relevant news and events (conferences, seminars) concerning international programmes, promotional activities, and activities of broader interest
  • promoting and organizing events (info days, conferences, etc.) in order to promote the partaking of cultural institutions in Community and international programmes and initiatives
  • coordinating, rationalizing, and integrating documentation, research and study activities through a series of conventions with other Italian and European information, study and documentation centres
  • publishing articles on the main Community initiatives in the major Italian and foreign professional journals
  • disseminating information through interventions in conferences and conventions
    attends to training activities related to the fields of its own competence