How to join ILL SBN

Libraries suited to take part in in ILL SBN include the all ones  interested in joining to the ILL system – even if they are not part of SBN – and willng to define their own role (requesting and/or supplying library), guarantee rapid responses and document supply and publish their own regulations or, at least, the types of documents for which circulation is allowed, the existing constraints and cost recovery mechanisms.
Individual libraries, local system centres and centralized loan services can join ILL SBN as well, either using the web interface, or interoperating via ISO ILL interconnection.

In order to join ILL SBN, libraries have to:
In particular, institutions intending to join SBN must specify, within the plan of activities attached to the agreement, which of their libraries would provide interlibray loan services and their willingness to provide documents at national and/or international level via the ILL SBN server (rules of adhesion to SBN).
As part of the training and teaching activities organized by the Institute, and upon request from the interested institutes, courses can be organized in order to illustrate the characteristics and functions of the ILL SBN service.
For more information: Egidio Incelli