Activity Area for accessing bibliographic information and for the Italian libraries database

This area coordinates and carries out the following activities:

  • provides information for tracing Italian and foreign documents held in Italian libraries
  • manages the OPAC SBN database, available at (database updating, evolution, monitoring and statistics)
  • training and organizational management of the Poli and the SBN libraries and collaboration with the General Management for the stipulation of the agreements
  • manage Interlibrary loan and document delivery - ILL SBN available at:
  • manages the Italian libraries database available at (data collection and control, software testing and evolution, exchange formats, institutional relationships)
  • management and generator control of ISIL codes for institutions that require it
  • management of the Historical catalogues database (
  • takes care of the editing, maintenance and development of the ICCU website (
    manages the management of the Poli SBN databases, SBN libraries and ILL SBN libraries
  • ICCU Newsletter
  • training activities related to the fields of its own competence.
It also represents the Institute in the fields of its own competence at national and international levels.