How to reach us

Entrance to the ICCU is in the Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale (BNCR) building on viale Castro Pretorio, 105. To get to ICCU, please go up to the 4th floor by the lifts which are in the hall, on the right and on the left.

Please note that access to the BNCR building through viale Castro Pretorio entrance is not allowed before 08,30. Note that a paying car park is available in the area before the Library until 18,30.

How to get the ICCU:

buslines: 310, 492, 649

underground: B line for Castro Pretorio

If you arrive in Rome by plane, you can take a taxi from Fiumicino Airport or the FS non-stop train Fiumicino Airport - Termini Station. From Termini Station, which is 10 minutes walking from ICCU, you can take B line tube to Castro Pretorio - way Rebibbia.

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