Information and communication technology Office

The Information and communication technology Office:

  • manages the LAN hardware and software resources (computer stations, servers, storages, applications)
  • provides the staff with IT assistance services (help desk)
  • provides basic network services for user authentication and for the sharing of network resources, and looks after the periodic saving of shared data
  • manages the e-mail addresses
  • manages the Institute Intranet and the services it provides (help desk, reservations for rooms and equipment, computer stations, etc.)
  • manages the EuropaWeb system to record the staff attendance and the  EuropaWeb system for consulting the staff attendance data, and is in charge of the periodic data saving software upgrades
  • manages the Progenia accounting management system and is in charge of the periodic data saving software upgrades
  • provides support for the upgrade, adaptation and evolution of the Italian Libraries database system (database, application, XML exchange format); develops softwares to process the data relating to libraries
  • provides assistance and training to the ICCU staff with regards to the use of IT tools used within the office work
  • provides support and assistance to Areas, Services, Offices and European projects with regards to IT aspects related to their ordinary and extraordinary activities.
Vilma Gidaro - tel. +39 06 49210429