Roman Bibliography

The Roman Bibliography project aims at making accessible all bibliographical data related to Rome between the Middle Ages and the current era and published from 1958 up to the present time.

This project is promoted by CROMA (Centro interdipartimentale di Ricerche per lo studio di Roma moderna e contemporanea dell'Università degli studi Roma Tre - Inter-departmental Research Centre for the Study of Modern and Contemporary Rome of the Third University of Rome) in collaboration with the Roman Library of the Roman Historical Archives and the Library of the Italian Encyclopaedia Institute. In addition to our Institute, other participating institutions include the Library of Archaeology and History of Art, the Library of Modern and Contemporary History, the National Central Library of Rome and the Marco Besso Foundation Library.
More recent partners that joined the project include the State Archives in Rome, the Humanities Library of the Third University of Rome, the Central Institute for Book Patology, the Angelica Library, the Antonio Baldini State Library, the Vallicelliana Library and URBS – Roman Union of Ecclesiatical Libraries.

Information is acquired through:

  •  works and information directly acquired from project partners
  • information drawn from national and international databases and bibliographic inventories
  • examination of a predetermined set of journals focusing on the study of the Rome area.

The bibliography gets an index of features with the names (persons and bodies) of authors and editors of the publications.
Data published so far includes those related to Rome published between 1994 and 1998, and updates from 1994 up to 1996. In April 2004 a volume was published on data published between 1989-1998 and is also available in a multimedia CD version.
Currently, data published between 1999 and 2006 are being acquired.

In 2006 the Roman Bibliography website was created, and is currenly available at the URL The Online Roman Bibliography was presented on 17 May 2006 in the Pietro da Cortona Hall of the Capitoline Museums.
Furthermore, a data processing system was chosen enabling the online cataloguing of documents from 1999 up to the present. This work makes it possible for end users to consult the Roman bibliography via the website, the information available is constantly updated .
The subsequent work focused on the retrieval of the online database of the bibliographic records contained in the volume (published in April 2004) relating to data from 1989 up to 1998. This effort was completed in March 2010.
The records currently visible in this database include 9,490 monographs and 8,113 articles published in serials.