The SBN Index valorization project– UMTS Funds

With the launch of the direct interface, the Authority Files is now integrated in the new SBN Index with new fields and functions. The indications below, reflecting and following those previously published on the website at the time of the previous Valorization Project, aims at applying not only Structure activities, but also, whenever possible, hub cataloguing activities.
The project was launched on April 1, 2005. The 19 months lasting  project was coordinated by ICCU in collaboration with the two national central libraries of Rome and Florence.
Through this project, the Institute aims at building upon the activities previously started (L.662/96) and, on one side, at verifying and cleaning up the author and title entities (uniform titles and series ) and, on the other,  at increasing the AC data through the direct interface functions of the new SBN Index.
In particular, the author records require verification and correction of names and related titles. The defining of the authority elements will improve the quality of data and the accuracy of identifications both for cataloguers and end users, thus preventing errors related to a cluster element such the  name of the author, whose duplication multiplies the possibilities of errors in the related titles.

Control activities on series titles and uniform titles are of particular importance because they concern clusters of titles, whose correct definition guarantees a proper access to information and a proper visualization of the underlying connected elements.
Object of the intervention: 
  • Authority control activities on Italian name of persons  (50,000  entities)
  • Removal of duplicates and controls on series titles and uniform titles (11,000 entities)