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International conference. Rome, 2 October 2014, Biblioteca nazionale centrale

News date: 05.08.2014

On October 2, 2014, at the National Central Library of Rome will host the international conference entitled: The reuse of digital cultural content in education, tourism and leisure: an opportunity for cultural institutions and creative industries, an investment for the future.
This event, organized by the Union Catalogue of Italian Libraries (ICCU), is included in the official program of the Italian Presidency and is organized in collaboration with the European Commission, the Europeana Foundation, the European project AthenaPlus, the European network of good practices coordinated by ICCU, and the National Central Library of Rome.
The Italian Presidency represents a strategic opportunity to propose a workplan shared at European level on the topic of reuse and exploitation of digital cultural heritage. The Italian Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Tourism recognizes the transversal value of culture, seeks to promote collaboration between the different areas - competitiveness, culture, tourism, research - in collaboration with the responsible European institutions, in particular the Commission with its flagship initiative Europeana.
The Conference will provide a space for debate and exchange of ideas in order to plot strategies for the development of digital cultural heritage as a driver of the education and tourism sectors. The Conference will host two sessions and a round table: the first session will focus on the reuse and discoverability of the digital cultural heritage, the second session will illustrate good practices in the fields of  education, edutainment and tourism, the round table will see the participation of several representatives of institutions involved in European projects and creative industries who will discuss on the topics of the Conference.
During the Conference a poster session will be organized. It will illustrate projects, best practices and case studies on the topics of the conference: Digitization; Interoperability; IPR, Open Data, Linked Data, Reuse; Web Communication and Social media; Digital Storytelling, Transmedia Storytelling: Usability and accessibility; Synergies and cooperation; User needs analysis. Cultural institutions, research centres, education bodies, and private companies are invited to submit one or more posters on the above mentioned topics.
Simultaneous translation Italian-English
Info, programme, registration form, poster session call: http://goo.gl/kPudrp
e-mail: info@athenaplus.eu
Last update: 22.09.2014